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Hastings Royale Games


Join us for an exhilarating event at Hastings Royale Games, the premier platform for showcasing extraordinary talent in a variety of extreme sports disciplines.

On Saturday, April 20th, 2024, we proudly present the highly anticipated:

DEADLIFT CHALLENGE #02- Powered By Hastings Royale

Location: Planet Fitness Lynnwood, Pretoria

Registration begins at 8:00 AM.

This event welcomes both male and female athletes, divided into specific weight categories and genders, ensuring fair and competitive matchups. Below, you'll find the comprehensive rules governing this exciting competition:





-Utilize the provided barbell and weights.

-Straps are permitted for enhanced grip stability.

-Belts are permitted.


Starting Position:

-Stand squarely facing the barbell with feet positioned hip-width apart.

-Grip the bar with either an overhand or mixed grip, ensuring contact with shins just below the knees.


The Lift:

-Lift the bar from the ground under controlled conditions.

-Execute a smooth, continuous motion until reaching an erect standing position.

-Ensure knees, hips, and shoulders are fully locked at the top of the lift.

-The bar must travel in a direct vertical line, with no jerking or hitching allowed.


Downward Movement:

-Once the lift commences, avoid any downward movement of the bar.

-While pausing at the top is permissible, the bar must not settle.



-Maintain the final position until receiving the referee's signal, typically denoted by "down."

-Lower the bar under control after completion of the lift.


Success & Disqualification:

-A successful lift is indicated by a thumbs-up signal from the judges.

-Conversely, a thumbs-down gesture signifies an unsuccessful lift.

-Common reasons for disqualification include downward bar movement, incomplete lockout of knees or hips, and loss of control during the lift.



-Each competitor will be afforded three attempts to lift a designated weight.

-The highest successfully lifted weight determines individual rankings.

-Judges' decisions are final and binding.



Experience the thrill of strength and determination at the DEADLIFT CHALLENGE #02, where only the strongest will prevail. We look forward to witnessing awe-inspiring feats of athleticism and camaraderie at this esteemed event.

Introducing the pinnacle of extreme sports excellence: The Hastings Royale Games. This monumental event, slated for September 2024, promises to be a spectacle like no other, showcasing the elite talents from across the globe in a diverse array of adrenaline-fueled competitions.

Set against the backdrop of anticipation and excitement, The Hastings Royale Games will feature a stellar lineup of top athletes, each vying for glory in their respective disciplines. From the raw power of deadlifts to the precision of aerial acrobatics, this extravaganza will push the boundaries of human performance and captivate audiences worldwide.

As a testament to the dedication and skill exhibited at the Deadlift Challenge #02, all participants automatically qualify for entry into the prestigious Deadlift Games, a marquee event within The Hastings Royale Games. This unique opportunity serves as both a reward and a challenge, inspiring competitors to elevate their training and strive for excellence in pursuit of the ultimate prize.

Prepare to witness history in the making as athletes converge in September for a spectacle of strength, agility, and determination. The journey to The Hastings Royale Games begins now, and we invite you to join us on this extraordinary quest for greatness. Embrace the challenge, push your limits, and be part of something truly extraordinary. The stage is set, the world is watching—let the games begin!